22 August 2012
Social Media
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Badoo – Tough Competitor for other Social Networking Sites

After a long gap, Googler Benjamin Ling came with a new Social networking weapon Badoo! They are looking for another exec head to the UK site. Can you imagine? Jeff Hardy, the Head of Global Partnerships for Google+ Local, is leaving the company only to join Badoo as VP of Partnerships and M&A. By this news, you can see the Badoo is going to give neck-to-neck competition for existing social networking sites!

At Google, we are told that, Hardy was instrumental negotiating content deals and partnerships for Google+ local listings, including those with Open Table and other business listings relationships, an area that Google is obviously bulking up on post-Frommers and Zagat acquisitions. Moreover, very interestingly, Hardy also worked directly for recently departed Googler and recently appointed Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer.

At Badoo, Hardy will give force to all partnerships globally and corporate development and M&A. Badoo, whixh currently has users across 180 countries, has been best known for expanding into emerging markets like Russia and Brazil. It clearly shows Badoo is growing in US too. Therefore, other social networking sites, beware of Badoo!

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