Each and every SEO campaign is different but there are certain indicators which determine how competitive each business or a set of search phrases are. This permits us to come up with new, creative and different SEO Packages at cost effective levels. To give an example: one indicator is number of competing results, that demonstrates the potency and authority of the top ten results and  level of advertisers targeting same search terms. Having an ample budget to work with us ensures the efficiency of the SEO campaign and will give you the faster results.

KEYWORDS 5 10 15
 Minimum Contract  3 – 6 Months   3 – 6 Months   3 – 6 Months
Keywords in Top 10 YES YES YES
Cost Per Month




On-Page Optimization YES YES YES
Off-Page Optimization YES YES YES
Traffic Report YES YES YES
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The process of link building is being built on Smart and highly effective Link Pyramid which will give your website a serious Ranking Boost!

This is the right time to get smart! The old ways of just building thousands of spam links simply does not work at all anymore! Latest Google’s algorithm is all about ranking sites which are “naturally” popular. That means, although you can figure out how to rank your site in Google in four words (“Get lots of links”), you need to make sure that your site’s link structure is as “natural” as possible (at least in Google’s eyes, anyway).

That is why the link pyramid system is much effectual, this looks very natural – and the link juice will be always flowing from the bottom of the pyramid; throw all the levels straight into your website! Most importantly your website is not at the danger of being flagged – Google declared war against spam these days like never before – this is the time for high quality links which actually provide value.

How do We Work- The Process:

Creating Content and spinning
First – we will create excellent, creative, unique articles about your function which are highly SEO – which will make a smart use of LSI and your Keywords –Later we will Spin those articles in our special technique to create thousands of different variations – this will ensure us that each and every content we are going to publish on our pyramid building process will be consider as a unique one.

* What is spinning? This is nothing but rewriting the existing articles, or just parts of articles, and replacing those elements to provide different perception on the topic.  Rewriting the article can change the meaning of a sentence through the use of words with similar but cleverly different meaning to the original Content. For example: the word “picture” can be replaced by the word “photo” or “image”. This guarantees that a huge percentage of words are different from the original article. (Taken from Wikipedia)

Pyramid’s First Level – Support Blogs
At the top of the link pyramid firstly we will create blogs on high quality websites like blogger,,, and others. Each and every blog will be created manually and will have top mark quality. Every blog post will contain 3 links pointing to your website.

Pyramid’s Second Level – Building The Link Flow
At this stage we will create thousands of Web content posts using our huge blog network and article directories – each article will have links pointing towards your website and web 2.0 support blog – since we are using highly spin content – we get remarkable indexing rate and Google will see all the content which we post as unique one.

RSS and Pinging
The moment link pyramid is built we turn all of the links which we created into RSS feeds. Then we jingle all the links and we do not stop the pinging until all of the links have been crawled by the search engines. I will ping the links and drip the RSS feeds in a very particular way which gives a feeling of natural link building.

 End Result
This method has proven to be highly effectual in producing remarkable ranking boost, while maintaining your SEO clean, from any spam links. The only links which are directly point to your website are high quality links.

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